Training at Waverley



Waverley Education Foundation is providing a training package to support
recently qualified teachers (RQTs) progressing through their careers. The
course will help RQTs to demonstrate impact in their schools and support
their day-to-day teaching as well as preparing them for responsibility posts.
The programme is delivered by experienced, outstanding middle and senior
leaders in the primary and secondary phases with expertise in teaching
and learning, data management and leadership.


Recently qualified teachers in the primary and secondary phases



Session 1

Engagement for all learners

Session 2

Making use of data

Session 3

Effective questioning

Session 4

Stretch and challenge

Session 5

Encouraging independent learners

Session 6

Preparing for leadership



January to April 2021 TBC


£100 pp in house

£75 pp via distance learning using Microsoft Teams


To book please contact the team:

0121 566 6600 EXT 31062

Complete the booking enquiry form.