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Our schools

Waverley Education Foundation is made up of two schools: Waverley School and Waverley Studio College. Each school is unique in its character and provision, but shares the same values of high standards and expectations of its learners and the education that they are offered.

Waverley School

Waverley School is an all–through academy for pupils aged 4-19, with a resource base for pupils with cognition and learning needs. The school operates from a purpose-built site with modern, state-of-the-art facilities available for learning, teaching, and training. Waverley School makes its inclusive vision a reality. We have high expectations of behaviour, attendance, uniform, achievement, and attainment. We believe in every child, and we believe that our students must have every opportunity to achieve his or her potential, and beyond. We have a strong, well-qualified, and committed body of staff who work hard to achieve this for our learners.

Waverley School
311 Yardley Green Road
Bordesley Green East
Birmingham B9 5QA

Waverley Studio College

The Studio College, founded in 2013, sets out to provide a vocational offer for students aiming for careers in Health, Creative Technology, and Enterprise. We welcome all students who are eager to explore different learning opportunities and who enjoy working in applied, vocational settings. Learning takes place in our bespoke site, opened in 2016, and in the workplace with employers who are keen to support learners’ aspiration. Students are assigned a Learning Coach who support them throughout their time at the College, and offer that personalised approach to learning that will give our students the greatest opportunities for success.

Waverley Studio College
470 Belchers Lane,
Birmingham B9 5SX