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There are two schools within the Waverley Education Foundation trust; Waverley School and Waverley Studio College which are both located within Bordesley Green, Birmingham. Waverley School is an all through school for ages 4 to 19. Waverley Studio College is a school for ages 14 - 19.

Executive Leadership Team

Matt Morton-Hire – Principal (Waverley Studio College)

Mr Matt Morton-Hire
Principal - Waverley Studio College

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Ann Lloyd – Co-Principal, Waverley School: Secondary & Sixth Form

Ann Lloyd
Waverley School
Secondary & Sixth Form

ANN LLOYD was born in Birmingham and raised in Handsworth, in a working class family. She was fortunate to learn from her upbringing that aiming high, hard work and determination enables you to achieve your goals, no matter how humble your start in life is. Her motivation to teach started from a very early age. She was fortunate enough to be taught by teachers who had a positive influence on her and their enthusiasm, their steadfast tenacity not to give up on any child and their encouragement has resonated with her in every school role she has held. Without the support of her teachers she would never have been the first person in her family to attend university.

Ann gained her dual honours degree and then her post graduate secondary teaching qualification from Sheffield University. The draw of the Midlands pulled her back and she started her first teaching post in a large secondary school in Walsall, where she worked for eleven years culminating in an opportunity to take on an Assistant Principal role. She moved to Waverley School as Assistant Principal in 2010 and has had the opportunity to carry out a wide range of roles including The Humanities Specialist Lead, Head of Inclusion and Vice Principal. She became Head of School for the secondary phase in October 2019. 

Ann has a simple and uncomplicated view of what makes an exceptional school for exceptional students - a very clear focus on delivering high academic standards for all students whilst moulding them to be not only articulate, resilient, curious and confident but also kind and caring. She firmly believes in our school ethos of Learning through Diversity and our underpinning values of Humanity, Equality, Aspiration, and respect. 

Satnam Dosanjh – Co-Principal, Waverley School: Primary

Satnam Dosanjh

Waverley School

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